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Circle C is constantly innovating. From the simple to the complex.

Here are a few examples.
1 Production Floats

These Floating Oyster Reefs® produce about 2.5 bushels of oysters in one season. Each one takes about 15 minutes per year to maintain while they are in the water.

2 Our Selective Breeding program has produced results!

Anyone who has ever bred animals knows how much time and dedication it takes to improve a blood line. So it is with oysters.

3 This simple pipe rig above our lift. Helps us empty all the oysters from a float at once!

The float lift shown at left allows us to bring an entire float up to work bench height. The pipe rack above it allows us to empty its entire contents by meerly attaching the float to it on one side and dropping the platform out from under it.

4 These tanks are used to raise seed oysters. This design cut labor from 80 to 4.5 hours a week.

The seed oysters raised in the upwellers above are in buckets. We only have to roll the bucket over on it's discharge pipe spindle to clean or change the screen. Our newest inovation (not shown for obvious reasons) cut the time we spend on our seed production by another 90%.

Our more important inventions are patented.

5 Biological Nutrient Control

This invention borrows technology developed for waste water treatment and adapts it for use by shellfish producers to reduce or enhance nutrient levels in a body of open water. It is our desire to license this invention to other shellfish producers so that they can earn additional income through nutrient mitigation.

6 Controlling Waterborne Disease

This invention relates to a method using shellfish to control waterborne disease organisms, parasites and other infectious agents that afflict man, plants and animals, both domestic and wild. It is our desire to license this invention to other shellfish producers so that they can earn additional income by protecting public water supplies, farms and ranches.

Shellfish Make Water Clear & Safe

Our patents have extensive possibilites.

Public Water Supplies

Reducing reservoir algae and controlling pathogens


Livestock Protection
Reducing and controlling waterborne animal pathogens and noxious algae in farm ponds and reservoirs used for forage crops and watering
Crop Protection
Reducing and controlling waterborne plant diseases removing fungal spores, mildew and bacteria from pond irrigation water.

Lettuce is usually eaten raw

Our Goals
  • To increase our production and improve the environment.
  • To invent enough new ideas to seriously increase the world food supply.
  • To improve the lives of our families, friends and neighbors.

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